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Hey guys.

What a bonkers couple of weeks it’s been! It started with a random repost of one of my paintings on the official Wacom Instagram page and suddenly everything kind of exploded! I’ve had my insta followers almost double in 3 weeks and I’ve now got some very exciting news in the pipeline, of which I can hopefully go into more details next week.

Unfortunately the down side of having an exciting month is I’ve been so busy with secret things I’ve not had anything new to post on Instagram. They say strike while the iron is hot, well I haven;t had any new irons, so I’ve been going through some old sketchbooks and posting some of my older drawings.

It’s been quite apparent how much I’ve improved since I’ve did these, I’m spotting little mistakes and problems with them I’ve never noticed before and I remember being quite happy with them when I originally did them... which beings on another worry of mine - do I think I’m better than I actually am?

Take the attached drawing for instance. This was done almost 4 years ago, back when I started to table at conventions. This one of the first robots I did on timed paper and using white highlights.

Right now I can see that the perspective is all over the place (the angle of the vents on his head should be going in completely the opposite direction) and I think the whole stance is slightly off. Does finding problems with your old artwork mean you’ve improved? Yea I think so, it at least means my eye is a little more focused on details like this. But it also means that perhaps I’m making mistakes like this now that I can’t spot yet, and a few years down the line I’ll be wondering the same thing - how did THAT slip the net?... it’s a worrying thought.

Does anyone have any thought on this? Let me know if you do..

Anyway that’s all for now. Look out for a couple of new pieces dropping in the next couple of weeks, I can’t say too much but they may feature a certain big headed blue robot....

Cheers for reading



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