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I'm back, miss me?

Well I say I'm back, I haven't actually been anywhere, and I have no excuse what so ever for why I haven't updated this site is such a long time. However that stops right now!

It's been an absolute crazy-bonkers year here in the Zoot-Cave! What with working on a multitude of commissions and projects, I've hardly had time top do any sketchbook work at all, which is a shame but I'm really not complaining. Last year saw me working on some really interesting projects for some really interesting people around the globe, some I can talk about and others I can't at the moment, but here are a couple of highlights -


I was incredibly humbled and excited to be contacted by a practical effects company based in Chicago who wanted a 'mascot' designed for their website and social media feeds.

We finally decided on Max, a well meaning but clumsy little robot who works in the Warehouse, causing more trouble than good! It was a great little project and I'm really excited to see what he will get up to in the coming months.

Zoot gets a Job!

One of my illustrator highlights of all time happened last year when I was approached by a graphics company asking if they could use Zoot to endorse their software! I've been drawing Zoot since I was about 16 years old and to have an established and successful animation software company ask if they could use him AND commission me to draw Zoot was absolutely mind blowing.

I have created 3 new pieces for them so far, including this one, and prints will be available very soon.

Watch this space!

All Hail the Robot Army!

Early last year I discovered an awesome instagram group called 'Draw me a robot', and after a brief chat with the Arik, the groups leader (or 'Robot 1') I became a proud member of the Robot Family!

Every month they issue a new DTIYS (Draw This In Your Style) challenge, with visual prompts by various artists and I urge you to give them a follow. The group is jammed to the rafters with inspirational and talented artists and I've made a friends (and rivals....) with many of them.

Thanks for reading, and I promise i won't leave it so long next time!

Andy xx


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